About Us

Welcome To The Best Bookstore online bookstore is created by Van Publications. to provide sound Christian literature for Armenian Diaspora around the world.
Van Publications Inc. also has a goal to reach the nations, who have not received the Gospel yet, with Christian literature, available on their own languages.
The Bookstore offers DVDs, Audio Books, as well as ebooks in Pdf, Epub and Kindle formats.


Our Greatest Challenge

Around 2.75 billion people in Asia, the Middle East and Europe have never heard the Gospel, never heard about Jesus Christ. These people are our main focus and challenge in the years ahead.


The Vision That God Has Given Us States:

·       Equip My people with My Word of faith

·       Show them their spiritual weapons

·       Teach them how to use these weapons

·       Send them out in victorious battle for the Lord

This vision talks about teaching people, enabling them for their task and sending them out to win their respective regions for the Gospel. It is about multiplication of both believers and victorious churches. It is about strengthening outposts of the Gospel, especially in unreached areas.